The critical component of Savant’s iQ-CAN™ AGV/AGC system technology is… the ability to visually create the AGV ‘System’ using the Universal-Use Vehicles and their Virtual Path Navigation.

The iQ-CAN™ PC Program integrates all the system path layout and control functionalities in one place, that are required to configure, model and control the path routing & traffic control logic, path actions, and destination station cycle sequences. The program is GUI-based so no software coding is required.

How Your System is Created

Your facility CAD layout (showing aisles where the AGVs would run) is imported and becomes the background template.

  1. Our path design tools draw the path (actual AGV tracking map) and locate destinations and path actions.
  2. Routing, traffic control and station destination logic is visually configured.
  3. The visual model created is tested with virtual vehicles to validate operation.
  4. The saved model file is loaded in to the actual system controller PC.

iQ-CAN™ System Configuration PC Program
Creates, Demonstrates And Controls Without Writing Software

Try Before You Buy

The iQ-CAN™ PC Program creates the system path file which is viewed as a visual system model. The virtual vehicles running in the visual model preform the same path logic as they would in the actual system.

Since the same file is used to control the vehicle operations in the actual system, what you see on your PC now is what you get later when the system is operational.

Before and After

  • Before purchase, customers acquire complete understanding of the proposed system’s operational performance which provides a high level of execution confidence.
  • After purchase, the model becomes the primary project control mechanism for finalizing system configuration thus insuring the Savant and customer project execution teams are always in sync.

Easy System Expansion

iQ-CAN™ has powerful capabilities to handle a wide range of system applications from simple to complex with virtually unlimited vehicle fleet size, path length/complexity and system control requirements.

This allows users to easily expand systems with added vehicles and paths.

What Creates Your System:
The iQ-CAN™ PC Program Functional Modes