AGV System Design, Modeling and Control

Savant has leapfrogged other AGV/AGC/AMR companies with graphically configured system technology for our Universal-Use AGVs. This provides users with visual understanding of how their system is designed and how it will operate in their facility… before they make new system purchase ‘decision’ and/or make any changes to an existing system.

There is no application-specific software code that needs to be created for the path configuration and path operation. All the operational functionality for Savant iQ-CAN™ AGV systems is contained in our standard iQ-CAN™ PC Program used to configure every application.

The iQ-CAN™ PC Program is a powerful, yet elegant, user-friendly visual system configurator that supports the simplest to the most complex AGV system applications. You never have worry about the ability to handle future system change and expansion. iQ-CAN™ technology has unlimited scalability (vehicles, path, destinations, etc.).

The iQ-CAN™ PC Program consists of 3 integrated modules called Designer, Emulator and Demonstrator.

The system path and its operation are visually configured in Designer, visually tested in Emulator and visually simulated with the full AGV fleet in Demonstrator.

iQ-CAN™ Graphical PC Program Creates
A System Design, Model & System Controller Site File

With iQ-CAN™… What You See In The Model is What You Get in The Real System

  • You don’t have to wait until the system is installed to know how the path design will operate… no last minute surprises.
  • Virtual system visualization promotes system user input and acceptance months before the actual system site launch.

Designer Mode

Graphically configures AGV/AGC system & produces operational model

Emulator Mode

Tests system virtual path configuration  operational functionality

Demonstrator Mode

Runs system model at load move rates desired for performance optimization