Universal-Use Vehicle Chassis Types

Unlike other suppliers that design different AGVs for specific system applications, Savant employs a standard AGV general-purpose (universal-use) chassis, common to all applications.  This allows the same AGV chassis to be used for a wide ranges of applications and reused for different applications.

Specific application needs are addressed with a separate ‘load handling’ attachment fitted to the standard Savant AGV chassis.  These attachments include:

  • Cart capture mechanism for tunnel-under cart transportation
  • Tow hitch for moving strings of trailer, dollies, carts
  • Single/multiple roller decks for transferring load to/from floor conveyor,
  • Lift platforms allowing pick/drop of loads at floor stands or elevating carts/skids/tubs off floor for transport
  • Forks to access pallets/racks at floor or stand levels for transport.
  • Special load fixtures with lift, rotate or tilt mechanisms for assembly line operations.

Savant AGV technology provides affordable, automated material transportation with unlimited scalability and extensive functionality to support ever-changing facility needs.

Standard Features:

  • ‘Tape/Target/Structure-free’ CAD map vehicle navigation
  • Visual model system of path design (what you see
    is what you get)
  • PC program model for visual path construction & simulated operation
  • Fully automated operation
  • Onboard or remote dispatching
  • Auto-return to battery charge area when battery is low
  • Diagnostic mode for fast, easy troubleshooting
  • Easy access to user controls
  • Pendant for manual operation
  • Steel frame construction

Warning and Safety Devices:

  • Programmable safety laser scanner
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Audio beeper while in motion
  • Flashing warning lights while in motion
  • Location-selectable speed, horn & light settings


  • Automatic charging
  • Automatic reversing
  • RFID tag support
  • Conveyor, robot, door, elevator automation interface
  • iQ-CAN™ system controls
  • MES, WMS, WCS, PLC network computer integration
  • Remote vehicle & dispatching control
  • Turn signals
  • Custom load handling configurations
  • Voice annunciation

Display/Control Panel:

  • Industrial grade tablet or 40 characters by 2 line display
  • Status (on path, low battery, error messages etc.)
  • Prompts for operator actions
  • Easy to customize (route assignments, etc.)