Savant’s Virtual Path Navigation

Navigation technology is critical to AGV/AGC system performance. Savant offers unique internal CAD map tracking navigation on all of its guided vehicle models.

This ZERO-maintenance Virtual Path (‘Tape / Target / Structure-Free’) eliminates the drawbacks of floor-tape, laser-target, vision and natural-structure (lidar) navigation.

Our inertial navigation technology operates without floor tape, saw cut grooves for wire or magnetic rod, structure-mounted reflective targets or any reliance on fixed structure/continuous wall sensing.

Visual Configuration, Modeling & Control

Savant Virtual Path navigation enables your system path and its operation to be visually configured using your CAD facility drawing.

The created model file is the actual control file for the your real system! So, you ‘see’ your system with running virtual vehicles… before you even buy it.

Benefits of Savant Inertial Navigation

  • Accuracy performance for automatic load transferring and auto-charging
  • No blocked structural references or target problems that stop AGV operation
  • No tape maintenance issues
  • Reverse travel ready (with option rear safety sensor) for off-aisle load or cart pick/drop
  • Inertial sensor has no moving parts to wear. It’s not a costly navigation wear item
  • Operates on, rough floors, ramps, in dirty, harsh, irregularly illuminated environments
  • Supports most complicated intersections and is infinitely scalable (path length, number of destinations, vehicles)
  • Visual system configuration & model operation greatly enhances user understanding, optimizes collaborative system execution effort and minimizes risks.