iQ-CAN™ PC Program
System Demonstration Mode

The System Demonstration Mode is a big part of Savant’s commitment to “AGG Technology Truly Focused on the User”. You don’t just see a static drawing of your AGV system path and get a wordy proposal describing what your getting and how it will work… you get the actual system being proposed in the form of a working model!

In Demonstration Mode the system ‘configuration’ file created in System Designer Mode and tested in System Emulation Mode, becomes the system ‘control’ file. This allows your system design to be demonstrated with the full compliment of AGVs being proposed. The program allows input of your ‘from/to’ load move rates which are used to create mission tasks for the virtual AGV fleet.

When running in Demonstrator Mode, your AGVs are shown navigating around your facility CAD drawing as they carry out their assigned load move tasks. The movement control of the AGVs on the path (routing, traffic control, station cycles, etc.) is exactly the same as would be in the actual system because the same system configuration control file is used for both the virtual model and the actual site system.

What You See On The Screen
Is What You Get On The Floor

Running your proposed system design in Designer Mode allows dynamic performance conditions to be observed, studied and optimized. For example, if path congestion develops in a path area, the configuration can be modified by going back into System Designer Mode, altering path or functional logic and retesting the effect of the changes in Demonstration Mode.

Because it is a virtual environment, the system operaton can be sped up multiple times normal speed, rates and conditions can be altered allowing accelerated observation of results. Performance statistics are collects and visually displayed.

There is nothing comparable to iQ-CAN™. Nowhere else are ‘tape/target/structure-free’ path system designs visually configured without code-writing and validated in automatically constructed 100% accurate design models.

Bottomline… unlike and ‘engineered’ AGV system , with iQ-CAN™ you don’t have to wait until your AGV system is installed to see if it operates as your expected. The visual modeling allows you to see what you’re buying or changing before you proceed. There is no better way to reduce system investment and project risk.