Virtual Path AGV Navigation

AGV/AGC navigation technology selection is the critical factor in achieving a system design that optimizes system performance, reliability, maintenance costs, flexibility and ease of use.

Savant offers unique ‘Virtual Path’ CAD map navigation on all its automatic guided vehicle and guided cart models.

  • Our inertial navigation technology operates without the need of floor tape, saw cut grooves for wire or magnetic rod, structure-mounted reflective targets or any reliance on fixed structure/continuous wall sensing.
  • Virtual Path navigation just needs a floor surface and a small, zero-maintenance, floor flush marker. This allows operation, without restriction, in typical facility environments with large open areas.

Savant’s internal navigation employs a solid state inertial sensor (also used in smartphones to detect rotation) to determine AGV/AGC heading and positional information as it follows a ‘virtual’ CAD map of the system path.

The inertial chip is similar to what is used in Smartphones for detecting tilt & rotation motion:

Virtual Path Map File Visually Configured Using
iQ-CAN™ PC Program Defines AGV Routes, Path & Destination Actions, Traffic Control Logic:

Benefits of Our Inertial Navigation

  • Reverse travel ready (with option rear safety sensor) for off-aisle load or cart pick/drop
  • Non-wire, ‘tape & target-free’ autonomy
  • Inertial sensor has no moving parts to wear. It’s not a costly navigation wear item
  • Eliminates periodic replacement of rotating laser head at ~$8,000/vehicle.
  • Operates on uneven, rough floors, and ramps
  • No line of sight/blocked target or tape maintenance issues

Accurate. Flexible. Durable.

Our 4th generation of Virtual Path navigation is standard on all Savant AGVs and AGCs allowing complete intermingling of paths and vehicle types as needed by the user.

Savant ‘Virtual Path’ navigation maintains sub-inch tracking accuracy. The onboard inertial sensor and virtual path are maintenance-free.

Unlike rotational laser navigation sensors, floor tape, vision cameras or natural/contour Lidar navigation controls, Savant’s inertial sensor and virtual path are not subject to costly wear-out or damage replacement.